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Research activities

  • Stress and welfare in aquatic animals. Main focus is the relationship between stress (acute and chronic) on primary barriers.

  • Lipid nutrition and metabolism. Main focus on dietary lipids and intestinal lipid pathways.

  • b) Prebiotics. Effects of diets and stress on colonization of intestinal microbiota.

  • c) New feed resources. Utilisation of feed resources from lower tropic levels. Includes marine and vegetable sources.

    Has been supervisor/co –supervisor of 5/7 PhD students.


    Research grants as principal investigator.

    Essential fatty acids in Arctic charr 1988 – 1989, Norwegian Research Council (NFFR).

    Winter feed for salmon in cold climate, 1991 - Landsdelsutvalget (LU).

Improved pigmentation of Atlantic salmon, 2001 – 2004 NRC

Krill as feed source for farmed fish 2001 – 2005, NRC.

New marine feed resources, 2001 – 2004 IMR.

Biological control of quality 2004-present (Collaborative project DSM)

Alternative lipid sources, effects on fish health 2009-present, IMR

Mitochondria in salmon, 2013-present, IMR

Marine wax esters, 2005 – 2007, NRC

New Marine Feed Resources. The building of a consortium towards exploitation of un-utilised marine resources for diets to farmed fish, 2006 – 2009 NRC Platform project.

Transgenic oilseed crops as novel, safe, sustainable and cost-effective sources of EPA and DHA for salmon feed, 2015-2018, NRC


Research grants as Co-applicant/investigator

Sexual maturation in Arctic charr – 1991, funded by LU

Effects of submersed detonations on fish. 1991-1992 NFFR

Feedig  strategies at long term holding of saithe in cages, 1996, Applied science, NRC

Stress related changes in the gastrointestinal tract of salmonids. 1997 NRC.

Quality in salmonids bred at various temperatures and latitudes. 1998 – NRC.

Gastrointestinal Functions and Food Intake Regulation in Salmonids: Impact of Dietary Vegetable Lipids. Norwegian Partner, 2000 – 2003 EU funded.

Improved quality of herring for humans, Norwegian partner 2005 – 2008 Nordic Industrial Fund.

SILLQUID - Can a Microwave Quick Tool Predict Quality and Origin of Herring, Norwegian partner, 2008 – 2009 Nordic Industrial Fund.  

Sustainable aquafeeds to maximize the health benefits of farmed fish for consumers (AQUAMAX) Institutional responsible, 2006-2010, EU FP6 Integrated Project

COPEWELL – Fish new integrative framework for the study of fish welfare based on the concepts of allostasis, appraisal and coping styles. EU-FP7 2010-2014

AQUAEXCEL Aquaculture infrastructures for excellence in European fish research (AQUAEXCEL) Large scale facility project, FP7 2011-2015

AQUAEXCEL2 FP7 2015-2018

Lower trophic level mixed fishery (LOTROMIX) – implications for ecosystem and management, 2015-2018, NRC



 ~ 150 papers in peer-reviewed literature

 ~ 145 other conference proceedings, popular articles and reports

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