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The ScienceHumanities research group at Department of teacher education, NTNU

In the ScienceHumanities research group, we use perspectives from the humanities and the social sciences to study natural science (including school science) as practice and culture, past and present. E.g. we study the history of science and science education, Nature of science in textbooks and classroom practice, writing cultures from a sociocultural perspective, students’ understanding of science, practical experiments in science teaching.  

I hold a M.Sc. in chemistry/chemistry education (1998) and a PhD in chemistry education/history of chemistry (2005). Research interests include the history of 20th century chemistry in Norway, studies of technical-chemical education in Norway, radioactivity and nuclear science, the periodic system, the material culture of chemistry, women in chemistry, collaborative couples in the sciences, textbooks in chemistry, 19th and 20th century teaching practices and tools, small-scale experiments in chemistry education, writing cultures and practices in science.

On-going activities:

The International Year of the Periodic Table (Periodesystemets år)

Co-editor (with Brigitte Van Tiggelen) of Women in Their Element: Selected Women's Contributions to the Periodic System (edited volume, World Scientific)

Co-editor (with Brigitte Van Tiggelen), special issue of Centaurus dedicated to the periodic system

Co-editor (with Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Luis Moreno Martínez), special issue of Substantia dedicated to the periodic system

Co-author (with Unni Eikeseth) of book on the elements (Museumsforlaget)

The International Year of the Periodic System at NTNU

(with Unni Eikeseth, Jonas Persson, Per-Odd Eggen, Lise Kvittingen, Ingeborg Berg)


Members of the research group:

PhD student

Mirtachew T. Ali: "Development and Use of Low-Cost Locally Available Instructional Materials as a Vehicle for Enhancing the Quality of High School Chemistry Education in Ethiopia"

Recent master theses:


Kjemi fagdidaktikk (PPU 4224/4727) -  Episoder i naturvitenskapenes historie (RFEL 3093) - Selvvalgt teori (LPY3006 - Master i naturfagdidaktikk)

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Eikeseth, Unni; Lykknes, Annette. (2019) PERIODESYSTEMET Fra alkymi til kjernekjemi. Museumsforlaget AS. 2019. ISBN 9788283050752.
  • Lykknes, Annette; Van Tiggelen, Brigitte. (2019) Women in their Element: Selected Women’s Contributions to the Periodic System. World Scientific. 2019. ISBN 9789811206283.