Bente Jessen Graae

Professor Institutt for biologi
Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget * DU2-127

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Bente Jessen Graae

Plants are assumed to adapt (stay) or migrate (go) during environmental change. These processes shape plant communities. I study stay or go processes in plant communities - mostly tundra, temperate-boreal forests and tropical savanna. Much of my research has been on colonization patterns but I am also interested in trait variation in relation to climate change. I work both in lab and in the field.  I right now work within four networks:

the Fleur network studying the impact of climate change to forest herbs along a latitudinal gradient from France to Northern Sweden see

the ECOSHRUB network studying the effect of shrub encroachment on community dynamics and ecosystem processes in alpine tundra see

the Stay or Go network where we look at alpine plant communities capacity to persist and to migrate

and the Serengeti Road project is evaluating vegetation and environmental changes as a consequence of the iroad construction in Tanzania.  

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