RFEL3081 - Natural Resources Management, Interdisciplinary Project

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Oppgave 100/100

Faglig innhold

RFEL3081 Natural Resources Management, Interdisciplinary Project, is a course for students admitted to the master programme Natural Resources Management. This is a course in which the students with different disciplinary and cultural backgrounds apply their academic competence in interdisciplinary project work to learn teamwork skills to prepare them for working life with specific focus on issues in natural resources management. The issues will deal with disciplines within biology, geology, geography, environmental chemistry and energy resources integrated with socio-economic aspects. Typically, a project focus on challenges related to sustainable management of a specified natural resource. Furthermore, to assess the consequences of different management strategies, the conflicts of interests among stakeholders and the socioeconomic aspects at different levels. Through the semester the project groups will develop a multidisciplinary report within the focal subject.
An objective of the course is to increase insight into the distinctive characteristics of other academic disciplines and their ways of working. At the same time, the course is intended to strengthen the students' own academic identity, through the interaction in the team and the way in which their academic competence contributes to the project. Through team-based reflection, the students at the master programme will gain increased insight into patterns of behaviour and approaches ("ways of being") that are required to achieve positive results in interdisciplinary project work.


The student will have knowledge:
to identify and discuss aspects concerning the management of the natural resources in question, the environmental consequences and how this influence conflicting interests among different stakeholders involved.
into other academic disciplines and their approach to management of the natural resources in question.
about his/her own role in the group collaboration situation and recognize the importance of communication among group members and group processes that are essential in order to to achieve positive results in interdisciplinary project work.

The student can:
Discuss and evaluate alternative management strategies and to some extent identify their environmental consequences as well as the consequences for stakeholders with overlapping and/or conflicting interests.
Apply knowledge about communication and group processes in a constructive way to enhance the outcome of a group work situation.

General competance:
The student can:
Disseminate knowledge and communicate topics, both among peer-colleagues as well as for non-professionals.
communication of their own academic discipline and thereby strengthen the students' own academic identity.
Cooperate and contribute to interdisciplinary interaction.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Seminars, approval of the written project report work and oral presentation of the project.

Obligatory activities
Participation of the project

Mandatory participation on min. 75% of the course

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • Participation of the project

Mer om vurdering

For studieåret 2017/2018 gjelder UTF §28 i utfyllende regler for realfagsstudiene av 01.08.2015 for gjentak av skriftlig og muntlig avsluttende eksamen i realfagsemner.

Spesielle vilkår

Vurderingsmelding krever godkjent undervisningsmelding samme semester. Obligatorisk aktivitet fra tidligere semester kan godkjennes av instituttet.


Admitted participant in Master of Science in Natural Resources Management.


To be announced.


Vurderingsordning: Oppgave

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Høst ORD Oppgave 100/100
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