Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Associate Professor of Geological Engineering. 25 years of experience in research and implementation of rock engineering, tunnelling and hydropower projects.

On going and future research projects:

  • Effects of swelling rock mass on the stability and support requirement in water tunnels
  • Impact of peaking operation in water tunnels due to frequent start / stop
  • Applicability of unlined/shotcretelined high pressure tunnels in the Himalaya
  • Plastic deformation and tunnel squeezing
  • Water inflow and injection grouting for watertight tunnels
  • Longterm stability of waterway system for hydropower
  • Deformation behavior of concrete dams

Completed research collaboration projects:

  • Decisive Parameters for Open Pit Slopes (DePOPS)
  • Stability of tunnels subject to plastic deformation - a contribution based on the cases from the Nepal Himalaya - Main Supervisor to the PhD thesis written by Dr. Pawan Kumar Shrestha (2014) 
  • Developing future 20 000 MW hydroelectric power in Norway with pumped storage: CEDREN project (Hydro PEAK) implemented through GEMINI-center (2011).
  • Underground gas storage project: An EEA project, which was implemented in cooperation between IGB, SINTEF Bygg and the Czech Technical University in Prague (2009)
  • Probable dynamics and possible course of events of the burst debris flood” at the inclined shaft of Svandalsflona hydropower project on 9th May 2009 (2009).

Commission member, external advisory, panel of expert

  • Department's representative at the Norwegian Hydropower Center (NVKS)
  • FME HydroCen (Norwegian Research Centre for Hydropower Technology) – a research initiative of national importance within renewable energy sector in Norway and is funded by NFR. Involved as scientific advisor in issues related to engineering geology and tunnel stability issues, research member of the technical committee, scientific advisor and main supervisor of two PhD Projects for Work Package One (WP 1.1) - Hydropower structures innovation (2017 - 2024). 
  • ISRM commission member for hard rock tunnelling (2011 - 2016)
  • External advisor: Geolab Nepal (NORAD/PEEDA/KU)
  • Panel of Expert: Mristi Hydropower Project, Nepal (2013 - 2017)
  • Panel of Expert: Super Dordi Hydropower Project, Nepal (2016 - 2021)
  • Panel of Expert: Upper Kontum HPP Vietnam (complete)

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