Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Geir Johnsen is a professor in marine biology at the Department of Biology (NTNU at Trondhjem biological station, TBS), Prof II at University Centre on Svalbard (UNIS), and is one of the founding partners in a NTNU spin-off company Ecotone using new optical techniques for mapping and monitoring the marine environment. He is a key scientist in the Centre of excellence (CeO) "Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) using enabling technology for marine ecological studies.

He has been at 1 years research stays at University of California at Santa Barbara (1992-93) , Curtin University, Perth, Australia (2010-11) and University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu (2018-19). 

Adviser for 48 MSc and 17 PhD students graduated. Currently he advises 7 PhD candidates and 2 post docs. He have published >140 papers in international scientific journals and been a co-editor for the books "Ecosystem Barents Sea" (Tapir Academic Press, 2009), Phytoplankton pigments: Updates on Characterization, Chemotaxonomy and Applications in Oceanography (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and “Life and Light in the Dead of Night” (Springer-Nature, published end of March 2020).

Research areas

  • Marine ecology and biodiversity in temperate, tropical and arctic regions
  • Bio-optics
  • Photosynthesis and eco-physiology in phytoplankton, ice algae and macroalgae
  • Pigment chemotaxonomy, light harvesting and photo-protective function
  • Underwater robotics and sensor development for in situ identification of organisms
  • Mapping and monitoring of bio-geo-chemical objects of interest in the marine environment
  • Polar night marine ecology
  • Photo-biology - Light as a cue of light


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