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Digital Product and Service Innovation - Health & Education

 Ashis is Committee to 

  • Innovation of digital products and services for improving public health and specially women health. 
  • Incorporating design as a core subject across disciplines /domains to nurture innovation  and digital transformation 
  • Reuse & Limit to reduce the use of natural resources 

Design Expertise 

  • Digital product and service design innovation for social impact
  • Decision support for complex systems & workspaces 
  • Strategic design / design thinking    
  • Human computer interaction /information design /User interface
  • Methodology - Action research
  • Theory & Technology preference - Role of cognitive science for behavioral change and new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in health and education  

Ashis is an interdisciplinary academician, she works and teaches at the cusp of design, technology, and management. She has 20 years of experience as an academician, design researcher and corporate consultant with her career spanning as a resident in Norway, Netherlands, India, Germany and Korea. She is primarily engaged in innovation of digital products and services and is committed to improving health/women health. Her research interests include exploring the role of new technologies such as AI, VR, AR and also exploring the role of cognitive science to optimize behavior change and improve health. Additionally, she also explores the role of design thinking in nurturing innovation culture within organizations and digital transformation. She is currently involved with several research projects with the health department at NTNU such as - designing patient pain management services for NAV /St Olav Hospital, development/testing of menstruation monitoring decision support platform for Elite Athlete to optimize performance with Center for Elite Sport Research(deployed), development of prevention and management of Obesity and development of digital health services through digitization of patient health data for pre and post-partum care (Deployed). 

As a project leader and as a researcher, Ashis has been previously involved in Innovation of digital products and services in several pan European Union research projects, NWO grants Netherlands, public sector research projects, along with direct corporate consulting. Some of the projects are developing new technologies for minimally invasive technologies for cancer treatment-augmented reality AR, m-health platforms for exercise for cardiac care, hypertension management via digital twins, clinical decision support systems for maternal & infant health, and digital services for Sleep/Artificial Intelligence. She has published selected articles in A grade Journals in Harvard Business Review, Design studies, Design Issues, Biomedical Informatics and IEEE and has also received several international awards and recognitions for the work.  

Before moving to Norway, as a design leader Ashis was responsible for incorporating design education in management and engineering institutions in India. At the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), Ashis was the faculty chair and was responsible for launching national lifelong learning programs on design thinking and innovation for professionals. In this program she has taught more than 1000 plus corporate executives from leading multinationals in India such as Siemens,Deloitte,Price Water Coopers PWC, Tata Consulting Services, Yes Bank, ICICI bank, L&T, l&T Infotech, MPhasis, Zenzar, Reliance,ABP news, Lupin Pharma, Zydus Pharma, Medanta hospitals, Apolo hospitals, Cognizant,Citus, Accenture, Meru cabs, VW Volkswagen.

Prior to this Ashis was founding project manager and Associate professor at the School of Engineering at a new Private University-Ahmedabad University, India. She was responsible for setting up Institute of Information and Communication Technology (IICT-now termed as SEAS – which is a unique program offering design thinking as a core subject at B Tech level to induce project-based engineering. This initiated collaboration between Olin College, USA and Ahmedabad University. 

 Ashis is an amateur photographer and is a connoisseur of all art forms 

Current focus in research

  • Design of innovative decision making platform to optimise performance for Elite Athlete in collaboration with Center for Elite Sport Research, NTNU, Norway
    Coral App is available on-Google play store and Apple store
  • Design of digital services for visualition of patient data-Animation film on pelvic floor exercises for post maternal and pregnancy care together in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine and Health Science and St Olav’s hospital, Norway
  • Design of innovative decision making platform for management of obseity and mental helath in collaboration with Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science,  NTNU
  • Design of patient pain management services for NAV /St Olav Hospital in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, NTNU

Work experience

  • Associate professor – Department of Design, NTNU, Norway
  • Researcher– CERG, ISB, NTNU, Norway
  • Assistant Professor & Faculty Chair – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India
  • Associate Professor & Founding Project Manager– SEAS, Ahmedabad University
  • Researcher Marie Curie Fellow – Industrial Design, TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Senior Lecturer – Industrial Design Center (IDC), IIT Bombay, India
  • User Experience Designer–SAP AG, Germany


  • Post doctorate – Design for Cardiac & Physical health, CERG, ISB, NTNU, Norway -2020
  • Post doctorate – Decision support system for maternal health, TU Delft, The Netherlands 2013
  • Doctorate –Augmented Reality in Surgery, Delft, The Netherlands (FP6, EU) 2009
  • Masters – Industrial Design, IDC, IIT Bombay, India-2000
  • Bachelors- Commercial/Visual Design, Lucknow University, India-1998



Emerging leader Award (ELF)
Australia India Institute (AII), Melbourne University, Australia



Most Innovative Development Award,
Global Development Network (GDN) World Bank
(Awarded for Post-doctoral work)



Chairman’s Award for Institution Building- founder for Institute of Information  and Communication Technology (now termed as SEAS ) Ahmedabad University, India



3rd Rank, Doctoral Thesis Consortium
American Medical Information Association (AMIA), USA



Marie Curie Fellowship FP6, European Union,
Early Stage Researcher- Doctoral The Netherlands



Best researcher, European Union (EU) project
Augmented Reality in Surgery ARIS*ER, Lecce,  Italy 


Best presenter PhD day- Technical University of Delft , The Netherlands



Global Social Entrepreneurship Award, Washington University,

Seattle, US


Hildegard Füerst Scholarship
Fachochshule fur Gestaltung, Mannheim, Germany            




Suhas Kakde Award- Department Topper
Indian Institute of  Technology (IIT)
Industry award for Best Masters Project-TCS (Tata Consulting Service)


Business Case
Jalote-Parmar, A and Raghuram, G (2016), Rotary Club of Madras: Open Defecation Free Communities Project, Harvard Business Review, Business Case, A00032 and Teaching note- A00033 (www. HBR.Org)

Peer Review Journal & Conference Publication 

Jalote-Parmar, A, Deshmukh, S and Badjoko, B (2017) Design Thinking in Business Problem Solving: Application in  Human Resource and Pricing, In E. Bohemia, C. de Bont, & L. S. Holm (Eds.), Conference Proceedings of the Design Management Academy (Vol. 1, pp. 161–178). London: Design Management Academy. doi: 10.21606/dma.2017  

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Book Chapter

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Jalote-Parmar A. 2009 Workflow driven decision support systems A case of intra-operative visualization system for surgeons, Delft University of Technology. ISBN no:9789081491624.

Working Paper

Jalote-Parmar A. 2015 Design Thinking a Fad or Reality, Working Paper IIMA.

Magazine/Newspaper Articles/Reports   

Jalote-Parmar, A (2016) Design Attitude: A critical Factor in Integrating Design Thinking, Express Computer  Vol.27, No.4, April [ CIO magazine]

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