Global Labour in Rural Societies (GLARUS)


Global Labour in Rural Societies (GLARUS)

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About the project

About the project

The project addresses how contemporary global flows of low-skilled and manual labour transform rural labour markets and communities in Western society.

It theorizes how international migration to rural sociocultural contexts differs from migration to urban regions, and seeks an improved theoretical understanding of the spatial complexities of contemporary international migration and its implications for local rural communities.

The project was funded by The Norwegian Research Council's FRIHUMSAM programme (10 Mill NOK) with additional NTNU funding (5,2 Mill NOK). The project period was 2017–2022.

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NTNU – Department of Sociology and Political Science:

University of Oslo – Department of Sociology and Human Geography:

  • Professor Mette Andersson
  • PhD candidate Inga Sæther

University of Warsaw – Centre for Migration Research:

  • Postdoc Kamila Fialskowska
  • Researcher Kamil Matuszczyk

University of Glouchestershire:

  • Senior lecturer Sam Scott

Kenyon College:

  • Assistant Professor Shaun A. Goulding

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh:

  • Associate Professor Paul Van Auken

University of California - Davis:

  • Associate professor M. Anne Visser

Centre for Rural Research, Norway:

  • Senior researcher Svein Frisvoll

International Advisory Group:

  • Dr. Karen O’Reilly, University of Loughborough, UK,
  • Dr. Aina Tollefsen, Umeå University, Sweden
  • Dr. Pawel Kaczmarzyk, Univ. of Warsaw, Poland
  • Dr. Luis E. Guarnizo, US, UC Davis, US.