Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Reseach field

Basic and applied research within the field of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry.  Especially water and soil chemistry. Use of multi-element analytical techniques for trace element studies in the environment on a local and regional scale. Development of sensors for industrial surveillance and online monitoring of environmental toxicants and nutrients in natural water, coastal and marine water. Additionally; fundamental research on biogeochemical interactions in Arctic water and soil systems. 

Research activities, examples:

- Arctic water and soil systems 

- Pollution in the Arctic (local sources, long range transported, metals and metalloids, organic pollutants, microplastics..) 

- Recycling and reuse of water, water quality in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS).

- Monitoring of water quality and new technologies for sustainable and profitable greenhouse production, involving closed hydroponic systems and slow filtration. Nutrient solution management and microbial interactions.

- Development of sensors and online monitoring systems for environmental toxicants and nutrients in natural water, coastal and marine water, and industrial process solutions.

- Use of different analytical techniques (DGT, ICP-MS, voltammetry) for trace element studies in the environment for studying different chemical fractionation and speciation of trace elements in natural waters.

- Interactions between natural organic matter and metals in natural water

- Studies of sediments in river mouth areas connected to e.g. geological and biological aspects

- Sensor technology, and production of nanoscaled sensors for environmental and industrial process monitoring. Development of ion selective electrodes based on solid state and ISFET technology.

- Use of electrochemical techniques for characterization of alloys and metals for studying surface chemistry connected to formation of hydrogen gas on metal surfaces, metal deposition and adsorption processes.

- Effect on climate change on water quality, through how different type of vegetation will produce different type of degradation product resulting in different amounts of natural organic matter by this effect the mobility of trace metals and the water quality.  

- Environmental Monitoring and technology connected to oil sand production and activity.


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