Fredrik Jutfelt

Førsteamanuensis Institutt for biologi Fakultet for naturvitenskap
Høgskoleringen 5, Realfagbygget * EU2-167

Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


The Jutfelt Fish Ecophysiology Lab

We investigate how fish are adapted to their environment and how they respond physiologically and behaviourally to changes in their environment. The environmental changes we study can be natural (e.g. seasonal temperature changes or food availability) or anthropogenic (e.g global warming, ocean acidification or toxins).

Two topics we are currently working on are how ocean acidification and rising temperature may affect fish and other aquatic ectothermic animals in the future, and how acclimation and adaptation may mitigate some of the impacts.


Fredrik Jutfelt is a member of the Outstanding Academic Fellows Programme.

Rachael Morgan is a PhD student working on thermal physiology in zebrafish:

PhD student Mette Finnøen is also researching thermal biology in zebrafish, and her focus is towards behaviour and pace-of-life syndrome.

Josefin Sundin - Postdoc. Dr. Sundin investigates the effects of ocean acidification and other environmental stressors on fish behaviour and reproduction.

Jeff Clements – Marie Curie postdoc. Jeff will join the lab in 2017 to work on the effects of environmental stressors on marine organisms. 

Read about the research of the Jutfelt Fish Ecophysiology Lab here:


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