Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


DNV GL sponsored Professorship in Subsea Process Systems Engineering

Research interests

My research interests are within the field of process systems engineering, with a strong focus on modelling, numerical optimization and control. By linking methods from optimization and control theory, my goal is to systematically develop practically applicable solutions for operating process systems in a safe, reliable, and economical way.

Topics in this area include

  • Optimization-driven methods for optimal operation and control strategies
  • Real-time optimization and predictive control
  • Quantitative data methods for optimization and control of process systems

Current research projects

  • Fast hierarchical economic optimization of dynamic systems, FRIPRP/IKTPLUSS Young Researcher Grant funded by the Norwegian Research Council
  • Estimation of unmeasured process variables for subsea processing systems, Funded within the SUBPRO center for research-based innovation SUBPRO SFI
  • Operational strategies for extending the remaining useful life of subsea processing systems, Funded within the SUBPRO center for research-based innovation SUBPRO SFI




Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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