TSOL550 - Influencing and Negotiating Skills

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Vurderingsordning: Oppgave og skriftlig eksamen
Karakter: Bokstavkarakterer

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Skriftlig eksamen 50/100 3 timer ORDBOK
Oppgave 50/100

Faglig innhold

The course focuses on the theory and processes of negotiation by exploring literature, experiencing a range of negotiation simulations, reflecting on own learning and analysis of real life negotiations. Negotiation frameworks are best learned via hands-on experience and most classes will have significant amounts of time allotted to simulations.

Course content
- Dynamics of distributive and integrative bargaining.
- Preparation and interest analysis.
- Sources of influence on negotiation processes and outcome.
- Intervention.
- Negotiations in practice.


Students should
- understand the basic concepts of negotiations
- understand the roles negotiations play in individuals¿ and organizations¿ lives
- understand a set of conceptual frameworks

Students should be able to
- Conduct an interest analysis
- Prepare for different types of negotiations
- Demonstrate basic negotiation skills
- Analyze and reflect on learning from actual negotiation experience
- Develop interpersonal skills related to communication, problem-solving, mutual persuasion

Students should develop competence in the many ways individuals think about and practice negotiations

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

A high degree of active participation is expected to facilitate own and other students¿ learning. Classes will be a mixture of lectures, discussions and negotiation simulations. The course will be taught in intensive sessions throughout the semester.

Spesielle vilkår

Krever opptak til studieprogram:
Ledelse av teknologi (ØAMLT)
Økonomi og administrasjon (ØAMSC)


Admission requirements: The student must be admitted to the study programmes Master in Business Administration, or Master in Management of Technology at Trondheim Business School. Because of the highly experiential nature of this course, attendance and class participation are required. Due to the interactive nature of the course, attendance may be limited. If so, students will have priority subject to Trondheim Business School ECTS credits and previous grades. Failure to meet for the first session without prior acceptance by course lecturer will result in a loss of place. The course is taught entirely in English. The examination and assessment will also be conducted in English. The course is open for Norwegian students and exchange students.


To be announced at the beginning of the course.


Vurderingsordning: Oppgave og skriftlig eksamen

Termin Statuskode Vurderingsform Vekting Hjelpemidler Dato Tid Rom *
Høst ORD Oppgave** 50/100


Høst ORD Skriftlig eksamen 50/100 ORDBOK 04.12.2017 09:00 KJL1 , R D1-185 Datasal , F1
  • * Skriftlig eksamen plasseres på rom 3 dager før eksamensdato.
  • ** Term paper 6.nov. 2017
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