Buying and Selling (gender) Equality: Feminized Migration and Gender Equality in Contemporary Norway

The aim of this research project, which ended in 2016, has been to explore the relation between gender equality and the global feminized migration of domestic workers and au pairs. The project was justified by a need for a better understanding of the significance of gender and ethnicity in the formulation of the equality politics of the Norwegian welfare state, with reference to equality between women and men, equality between ethnic majority and ethnic minorities and social/economic levelling. The project has been informed by the concepts of intersectionality and complexity, and has addressed the VAM-program's focus on the significance of inter- and transnational dimensions in the development of the welfare society. The project's publications is listed under "publications".

The project has been based at Department of interdisciplinary Studies of Culture and funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) under the programme Welfare, Working life and Migration (VAM) for the period 2011-2014.