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TEQUILA – Teacher Education: Quality, Integration and Learning

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TEQUILA  is a European network focused on research-based teacher education.

The network's overall aim is to promote quality in teacher education by integrating research and practice.

The TEQUILA network seeks to face the current challenges to teacher education:

  • The demand for increased quality in in teaching and learning outcomes
  • The political pressure on teacher education to offer practice-based teacher education programmes, and for "evidence-based practice"
  • The desire of teachers and teacher educators for professional recognition, self-defined identities and fulfilling careers
  • The desire of prospective teachers for programs which fully prepare them for the profession and support them across their career trajectories
  • The need to empower teachers to deal with emerging educational issues and content in future classrooms

Project partners

University of Linköping, Sweden – Per Simfors

University of Edinburgh, Scotland – Aileen Kennedy

University of Flensburg, Germany – Wolfgang SchulzArmin Castello

University of Salzburg, Austria  Horst Biedermann

Dublin City University, Ireland  James Lovatt

Pädagogische Hochschule Weingarten, Germany  Markus Janssen

University College South Denmark, Denmark  Alexander von Oettingen

European University Cyprus, Cyprus  Loucas Louca, Chrystalla Papademetri-Kachrimani

University of Helsinki, Finland  Riita JyrhamaErja Syrjälainen

Penza State University, Russia  Yuri Mazei

University of Chester, United Kingdom  Allan Owens

University of Teacher Education St Gallen, Switzerland  Christian Brühwiler

University of Goethenburg, Sweden  Karin Rönnerman

Jagellonian University, Poland  Dagmara Sokolowska