Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Research interests

My research interests are spatio-temporal statistics and computational statistics, often applied to the Earth sciences. We have a research project on Uncertainty in Reservoir Evaluation ( 

I also work on value of information analysis in this context of spatio-temporal applications. Here is our book on 'Value of Information in the Earth Sciences' (, published by Cambridge University Press. (Runner up publication award by the Decision analysis society at INFORMS, 2017.)

I am associate editor of 'Mathematical geosciences' and 'Statistics and computing'.

PhD students (statistics): Michael Gineste, Jacopo Paglia, Susan Anyosa

Connected PhD students (external departments): Trygve FossumVeena Vezhapparambu, Hanne Siri Heglum, Gunhild Berget

Former PhD students: Erlend Aune (now Amedia), Gabriele Martinelli (now Thomson Reuters), Javad Rezaie (now GE), Marie Lilleborge (now Cancer Registry Norway), Jacob Skauvold (now NR).

I have supervised 30 MSc students.

Study programs and education

I am currently leading the study program for Physics and Mathematics ( at NTNU and member of the Industrial Mathematics board (

Project and master thesis topics


  • MSc in applied mathematics at the University of Oslo (1997) and PhD at NTNU (2003).
  • Industry experience from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment and Statoil.
  • Visitor Stanford University 2001-02, Duke University and the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, North Carolina in 2009-10, and Stanford University in 2014-15. 


Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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