Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Active Courses

BSc Courses:

  • IP200117 Skipsdesign III - Prosjektering (HØST) - with Øyvind Kamsvåg
  • IP300315 Studiepoenggivende praksis (HØST)

MSc Courses:

  • IP500616 Systems Engineering Applied to Maritime Engineering (HØST)
  • IP500817 Scientific theory and methods (HØST)
  • IP505614 - Virtual Prototype and Digitalisation of Marine Design and Operations (HØST) - with Pierre Major, OSC
  • Courses organized due to coordination of the MSc programs(HØST/VÅR): IP506114 Best Practice - Marine engineering internship, IP506215 Scientific Research Project Internship, IP501909 1 MSc thesis, discipline oriented (120ECTS), IP502009 - MSc thesis, professional master (90 ECTS)

PhD Course: 

  • TS8001 Maritime Systems Design and Methods (VÅR) - with Hans Petter Hildre


Previous Courses

  • TS501418 - Operations Management and Flexibility (Høst 2019)
  • IP500415 - Computer Aided Engineering (with Karl Henning Halse - HØST 2015)
  • Introduction to Matlab (HiÅ with Karl Henning Halse)
  • Ship Design I (HiÅ with Arne Jan Solied)
  • Ship Design II (HiÅ with Arne Jan Solied)
  • Strength Calculations (HiÅ with Arne Jan Solied)
  • Best Practice - Design Visualization and 3D Animation


Current PhD Candidates 

  • Ícaro A. Fonseca - Digital Twin Ship: A Standard for Lifecycle Data Format
  • Raheleh Kari - Human in the Loop for Remote Ship Operations
  • Mehrnoosh Nickpasand - Agility in Offshore Wind Systems (Industrual PhD)
  • Brian Murray -  Predictive Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Ships (co-supervision)

Participation in 8 evaluation committees for PhD since 2016.


Active Research Projects:

  • EDIS, Efficient Data Integration in Ship Design (Ulstein International AS) - Project Manager
  • INTPART BN Subsea Part II USP-IHB Subproject (Workpackage Coordinator)
  • SFI Move (diverse roles)
  • Markon -  Advanced data Analytics Framework for Ship Energy Efficiency (Workpackage Coordinator)


Finished Research Projects:

  • EMIS, Efficient Modular Integration of Systems in Ship Design (Ulstein International AS) - Project Manager 2014- 2016
  • ABD - ShipEva, evakueringsløsning (ABD AS) - Project Manager
  • INTPART BN Subsea USP-IHB Subproject (Workpackage Coordinator)
  • Senketunnel - VRI - Project Manager 2014/2015
  • Markom 2020 - HSN/NTNU (Workpackage Coordinator) - 2016/2017


Administrative Tasks:



The professorship is connected to the Ship Design Chair at the Maritime Knowledge Hub, sponsored by Ulstein Group.

Currently program coordinator for the MSc in Ship Design and MSc in Product and Systems Design at IHB.

Active research and coordination activities on the FABLAB and Ship Design and Operations lab at NTNU in Ålesund.

Education consists of a PhD degree in Marine Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, IMT (2012). Part of the PhD developed at the Systems Engineering Advancement Research Initiative (SEAri) at MIT, with complex system engineering methods applied to the maritime case (2010-2011). Visiting lecturer and research collaboration with the Marine Research Group at UCL (2016 and 2019).

Previous experience as Senior Consultant at Det Norske Veritas (Norway, 2013).

Previous experience in Oil & Gas in Brazil, at the TPN - Numerical Offshore Model Basin in Brazil (partnership with Petrobras, University of São Paulo and other research institutes in Brazil). Master in engineering (2yrs) and Diploma Engineering (5yrs) in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Born in 1979.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Abbasiyan, Niki; Gaspar, Henrique Murilo; Brett, Per Olaf; Salajegheh, Afshin. (2017) Improving early OSV design robustness by applying 'Multivariate Big Data Analytics' on a ship ́s life cycle. 5th International Conference on Enterprise Systems ; 2017-09-22 - 2017-09-24.
  • Andrade, Sthefano; Gaspar, Henrique Murilo; Ehlers, Sören. (2017) Parametric structural analysis for a platform supply vessel at conceptual design phase – a sensitivity study via design of experiments. Ships and Offshore Structures. vol. 12.
  • Gaspar, Henrique Murilo. (2017) JavaScript Applied to Maritime Design and Engineering. 16th International Conference on Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries.
  • Keane, Andre; Brett, Per Olaf; Ebrahimi, Ali; Gaspar, Henrique Murilo; Agis, Jose Jorge Garcia. (2017) Preparing for a Digital Future – Experiences and Implications from a Maritime Domain Perspective. 16th International Conference on Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries.
  • Levišauskaitė, Greta; Gaspar, Henrique Murilo; Ulstein, Bernt-Aage. (2017) 4GD Framework in Ship Design. 16th International Conference on Computer and IT Applications in the Maritime Industries.