Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Teaching and Research

Main courses taught at NTNU:

  • TPG4185 Formation Mechanics (Advanced course in petroleum related rock mechanics, with focus on reservoir geomechanics, borehole stability, and sand production)
  • TPG4170 Reservoir Seismics (Rock physics part of advanced course)
  • PG8300 Formation Physics (PhD course on rock physics modelling)

Recent PhDs completed:

  • Tore Lie Sirevaag  (2019) Ultrasonic borehole logging
  • Mats Rongved (2019) Numerical simulation of fracture geomechanics: Geothermal, CCS and petroleum applications
  • Sohrab Gheibi (2018) Impact of faults and fractures in geomechanics of reservoir pressurization: A numerical approach
  • Dawid Szewczyk (2017) Frequency dependent elastic properies of shales - Impact of partial saturation and stress changes
  • Mohammad Hossain Bhuiyan (2015) Ultrasonic studies of stressed sand and clay: Roles of lithology, anisotropy and saturating fluid
  • Glenn K Gabrielsen (2015) A laboratory approach to investigating wellbore instability in shale during drilling
  • Morten I Kolstø (2012) Water in shale: Molecular modeling and rock physics experiments

Ongoing PhD work:

  • Stian Rørheim: Elastic dispersion and attenuation in shale 
  • Marcin Duda: Undrained pore pressure response in shale
  • Michinori Asaka: Anisotropic shale rock physics & mechanics
  • Hong Yan: Geomechanics and rock physics for 4D overburden seismic
  • Maksym Lozovyi: Shale as a barrier around cased wells
  • Kim S Mews: 2-phase saturation and 4D seismic

Main research interest: Rock physics and rock mechanics for geoscience applications.

  • Stress dependent wave velocities in reservoir and overburden rocks (relation to 4D seismics)
  • Clay and shale physics
  • Borehole stability and formation of natural barriers in shale
  • Discrete particle modelling of sediment and sedimentary rock behaviour

My research is done in close cooperation with the Formation Physics group in SINTEF Industry, Petroleum department. I also act as a scientific advisor to SINTEF.

Below there are links to recent publications. Note also the textbook: Fjær, E., Holt, R.M., Horsrud, P., Raaen, A.M., Risnes, R. (2008) Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics. 2nd Ed. Elsevier, 491 pp . - 3rd Ed. manuscript was submitted to the publisher in 2021.


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