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Katina is the Deputy Head of the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology since January 2019. She received the MSc. degree in wireless and mobile communications from the Institute of Telecommunications, Ss. Cyril and Methodis University - Skopje, Macedonia, in 2012 and the Ph.D. degree from Department of Telematics, NTNU - Trondheim, Norway, in 2016.

She was a visitor in the ISN research group at Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College - London, UK during autumn semester 2017.

She is a co-founder at MemoScale AS. MemoScale is a provider of software solutions for data protection and compression in storage systems. 

Supervision of PhD students 

Supervision of Master students



  • H2020 EIC SME INSTRUMENT-2-2018-2020
  • 0.7 mil. NOK from Innovation Norway, 2016
  • 4.3 mil. NOK from the Research Council of Norway, Program on Commercializing R&D Results (FORNY 2020), 2015
  • 2.5 mil. NOK from the Research Council of Norway, Program on Commercializing R&D Results (FORNY 2020), 2014
  • 1.1 mil. NOK from NTNU Discovery, 2013
  • 0.5 mil. NOK from Brukerstyrt Regional Innovasjonsarena (BRIA), 2013



  • Systematic coding technique for erasure correction, US Patent App. 16/065,478 (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique, GB Patent 2,538,110 B (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique for distributed storage systems, WO Patent 2016180727A1 (granted)
  • Network coding over gf (2), US Patent App. 14/902,251 (granted)
  • Systematic coding technique, US Patent 9,430,443 (granted)
  • Coding in galois fields with reduced complexity, US Patent WO2015197413A1 (granted)
  • Network coding over gf (2), US Patent App. 20160373210A1 (granted)
  • Locally Repairable Erasure Codes, Application No. GB1608441.0 (pending)
  • Regenerating - Locally Repairable Codes, Application No. GB1613575.8 (pending)
  • Regenerating - Locally Repairable Codes, Application No. GB1616704.1 (pending)

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