Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Heidi’s overall research theme is sustainability applied on the different spheres; ethics, investments, circular economics, corporate social responsibility and project management. She works as an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, at the Experts in Teamwork section. Prior to this she held a position as postdoctoral researcher at NTNU Oceans, at the Faculty of Humanities and the pilot program HAVANSVAR.

Heidi holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Bergen, and a PhD from Nord University Business School, at the centre of Ecological Economics and Ethics. She is an experienced researcher and project leader with background from the research institute Norut, which is now part of NORCE. Heidi is lecturing in themes like sustainability, applied ethics, corporate social responsibility, and other management related subjects – at different faculties and universities - and outside academia. She has also worked with these themes in two UN organizations; the Food and Agriculture organization (FAO), and at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).


Some externally funded R&D projects:

Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART),

Industry water-utility symbiosis for a smarter water society (ULTIMATE), funded by H2020

Marine Plastic Waste in the Arctic (MARP)

Barents Sea Drill Cuttings research initiative (BARCUT),

Samarbeid om etisk kompetanseheving (Cooperation for increased competence in ethical reflection), by KS


Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Del av bok/rapport

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  • Nilsen, Heidi Rapp; Aursand, Marit. (2020) Sirkulær økonomi. Etter oljen: Vår bioøkonomiske fremtid.
  • Nilsen, Heidi Rapp. (2007) Climate change and the petroleum industry: Analyzing an environmental value chain for CO2. Bourmistrov, A.og Mellemvik F. (eds.), Norwegian-Russian Cooperation in Business Education and Research: Visions and Challenges in Perspectives of the High North.


  • Sjåfjell, Beate; Nilsen, Heidi Rapp; Mähönen, Jukka. (2021) 'Bidrag til Amnestys argumentsamling om oljefondet og forhåndsfiltrering', i rapporten fra Amnesty: "Oljefondets nye etiske rammeverk - rigget for framtiden?". 2021.