Media in Japan and Asia

Japanske aviser/Japanese newspapers)

Asahi Daily News is the English version of Japans second largest newspaper (8 million readers). Asahi Shimbun, that generally is considered to be somewhat to the left of the center in Japanese politics. The paper version is combined with the Japanese edition of International Herald Tribune.

Mainichi Daily News, the English edition of Mainichi Shimbun, is considered somewhat left of center. 

The Japan News is the English edition of Yomuiuri Shimbun, Japans largest newspaper as measured by circulation, and somewhat right of center. 

Nikkei Asian Review, is the internet English internet newspaper edition of Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the leading business newspaper in Japan, comparable to Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

The Japan Times,  the only national English Newspaper in Japan., is the most comprehensive collection of news articles about Japan in English from wire-services such as Reuters and AP

Japan Press Weekly, a web-page closely linked to the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) that provides news from a left-progressive perspective

NHK (public broadcaster)

Koreanske aviser/Korean Newspapers 

The Korean Herald, en engelskspråklig avis/an English Newspaper

The Korea Times, en engelskspråklig avis/an English Newspaper

The English version of Donga-Ilbo, a major Korean daily:

The English version of Chosun-Ilbo, a major Korean daily:

The English Version of Joong Ang Ilbo, a major Korean daily:

Kinesiske aviser/Chinese Newspapers (in English)

Den engelske utgaven av/The English Edition of People's Daily (Renmin Ribao):

The Hong Kong Standard

Shanghai Daily:

Taiwanske Aviser/Taiwanese Newspapers (in English)

Taiwan has three English newspapers, Taipei Times, The China Post og The Taiwan News. The main divide in Taiwanese politics concerns independence for the island or reunification with mainland China, with pro-Green media outlets favoring independence and pro-Blue outlets favoring unification. 

Taipei Times, sister newspaper to Liberty Times (Chinese). Taipei Times is considered a "pro-green" newspaper.

The China Post, considered a "pro-blue" newspaper.

Taiwan News, considered a "pro-green".