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Research areas: comparative health system studies; welfare state reforms; health policy, management and organisation; local government; public policy and administration.

Pål E. Martinussen (b. 1969) is Professor at the Department of Sociology and Political Science at NTNU in Trondheim since 2014. He is author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as Social Science & Medicine, BCM Health Services ResearchHealth PolicyHealth Economics, Policy & Law, Local Government Studies, and has also published several book chapters and other scientific publications. Martinussen has had several visiting appointments at University of California, San Diego.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Martinussen, Pål Erling; Paulsen, Bård. (2005) Ny rolle for fylkespolitikerne: Fra eier til ombud. Springer. 2005. ISBN 8214032288.

Del av bok/rapport

  • Magnussen, Jon; Martinussen, Pål Erling. (2013) From Centralization to Decentralization, and Back: Norwegian Health Care in a Nordic Perspective. Federalism and Decentralization in European Health and Social Care.
  • Martinussen, Pål Erling; Magnussen, Jon; Vrangbæk, Karsten; Saltman, Richard B. (2009) Introduction: the Nordic model of health care. Nordic Health Care Systems. Recent Reforms and Current Policy Challenges.
  • Reitan, Jarl; Martinussen, Pål Erling. (2009) Improving care for COPD patients. Public Service Review Science and Technology.