Climate-neutral, inclusive, beautiful & sustainable Nyhavna

Climate-neutral, inclusive, beautiful & sustainable Nyhavna

Revitalisation of the Nyhavna urban district as a sustainable, resilient, beautiful, inclusive and accessible neighbourhood enabling low-carbon footprint lifestyles and businesses 

In this village, we will work with Trondheim municipality and local stakeholders to inform the revitalisation of the Nyhavna urban neighbourhood in Trondheim. We will investigate how we can transfer solutions, processes and learning from the +CityxChange smart city lighthouse project to help create a climate-neutral neighbourhood. We will combine this with an ambitious strategy to make this transformation beautiful, inclusive and sustainable, inspired by the New European Bauhaus Initiative and the European Green Deal. This is a creative, ambitious, and interdisciplinary initiative bringing together art, science, technology, and culture. 

Relevant competency 

Anyone engaged in achieving the goals of climate-neutral, inclusive, beautiful & sustainable cities and communities. 

The goal is to create teams of students with multidisciplinary profiles, who will be able to understand and address societal challenges through collaborative thinking.  

About the village 

This course is offered by the Smart Cities group in cooperation with other colleagues at the Department of Architecture and Planning and at NTNU. In this village we will cooperate with Trondheim municipality and other local stakeholders from public and private sector, cultural and creative experts, citizens and communities at Nyhavna. We will align with the ongoing creation of a quality programme for Nyhavna, and the development of Nyhavna as a national sustainability arena (nasjonal bærekraftsone). We will also connect with the Norwegian and European partners in +CityxChange, and the European partners in the New European Bauhaus.  

We will cooperate with other EiT villages (intensive and langsgående) to organise joint discussions, workshops, exhibitions and mutual learning exercises, and follow up with master theses, student assignments, internships etc on these challenges. We aim to further develop the activities into a new urban innovation project around Nyhavna together with Trondheim municipality and local stakeholders from public and private sector, citizens and communities.  

With its location close to the city center and important public transport routes (train, bus), there is great potential to investigate whether Nyhavna can become a “15-minute city”. In this village, we will investigate the potential of Nyhavna as a harbour and industrial area, to become a sustainable, resilient, inclusive, accessible and beautiful city district including local production, reuse, facilities, nature-based solutions, aesthetics for sustainable neighbourhoods (reuse etc.), circular neighbourhood, publicness, social infrastructure that is inclusive, accessible and health-promoting for all, active engagement of artistic, cultural and creative sectors, sustainable mobility solutions etc.  

Relevant challenges can be – but are not limited to: 

  • Boosting people’s sense of belonging to a place, history and values, reconnecting with the context, with nature, the fjord, cultural heritage  

  • Reconnecting with nature, including nature-based solutions in the built environment, protecting nature, ecosystem services, nature-based building materials 

  • Lasting behavioural change of people and economic actors towards lower-carbon footprint lifestyles and businesses. 

  • Mainstreamed participatory planning processes and interaction with all relevant stakeholder groups in city planning. 

  • Raised awareness and increased capacity of citizens on participatory processes for enhanced sustainability and environmental performance.  

  • Increased well-being and economic prosperity of citizens in a low-carbon, sustainable built environment by ensuring high indoor and outdoor quality, and affordability of renovation solutions. 

  • Increased attractiveness of deep renovation through new regeneration and smart growth models for sustainable living.  

  • What is the sustainable value of multi-functional use of buildings/space and how can it be integrated into planning?    

  • Which physical and digital services are expected or should be developed/tested for a sustainable neighbourhood?  

  • In a digital world, who decides and controls which stories get communicated? Who creates them and how, and how can we make this more inclusive?  

  • Extended use of digital applications and tools to ease decision-making processes in complex stakeholder structures 

Teaching method

Hybrid: In this village there will be a mix of classroom and online teaching. Students must have a computer with camera and microphone.


    • Emnekode: AAR4912
    • Village title: Climate-neutral, inclusive, beautiful & sustainable Nyhavna
    • Type: Intensive
    • Teaching method: Hybrid
    • Language: English
    • Village supervisor: Annemie Wyckmans
    • Contact information:
    • Semester: Spring 2022
    • Location: Trondheim

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