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The Research Centre on Zero Emission Neighbourhoods in Smart Cities - Living Labs

The research is concerned with the design, use and impact of living labs in contexts in Norway that plan to become zero emission neighbourhoods. Living labs may broadly be described as bottom-up experiments with a strong focus on citizen engagement and an intention to develop innovative solutions and/ or to achieve sustainable transitions. The term living lab is much in use to describe and promote citizen participation in real-life contexts. Living labs are characterised by a methodological openness that allows them to establish a form and develop tools that are site specific and associated with the real-life challenges that users are dealing with. In addition to being characterised by citizen engagement and a real-life context, in ZEN living labs planned experiments and iterative learning are important components. These characteristics form a framework to work with within neighbourhood contexts provided by the ZEN Centre.

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Kunstneriske produksjoner

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Del av bok/rapport

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