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Lucy is a postdoctoral researcher in sport science. Her research is focused on gender equity in the governance of the sport for development and peace (SDP) sector. This involves mapping female representation across the governance of the sector and exploring the gendered experiences and perceptions of senior leaders within transnational SDP organisations. 

Lucy obtained her PhD from the University of Chichester, Chichester, UK. The focus of the research was gender equity in English sport governance. During her time at the University of Chichester, Lucy was closely involved in the organisation of the Anita White Foundation (AWF) and its key projects, including acting as coordinator of the Women's Sport Leadership Academy. In her previous role as Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire, Lucy managed the Women's Sport Leadership Academy for High Performance Coaches. Lucy continues to act as an advisor to the AWF.

Lucy's research interests are broadly related to gender equity in sport. She has worked on a number of funded research projects in this area, including tailoring of soccer referee development for the women's game, an evaluation of the impacts and challenges of community sport groups in the UK becoming more inclusive and accessible for girls, and a review of literature and policy relating to transgender, intersex and non-binary people in sport and physical activity. 

Lucy is currently co-editing a book on gender equity in UK sport governance to be published in 2021.

Pre-2020 Publications:

Piggott, L. & Pike, E. (2019). “CEO Equals Man”: Gender and Informal Organisational Practices in English Sport Governance, International Review for the Sociology of Sport. DOI: 10.1177/1012690219865980

Piggott, L., Pike, E. & Matthews, J. (2019). England: A ‘Sporting Future’ for All? In A. Elling, J. Hovden & A. Knoppers (Eds.), Gender Diversity in European Sport Governance (pp. 105-116). Oxon: Routledge.

Pike, E., White, A., Matthews, J., Southon, S. & Piggott, L. (2018). Women and Sport Leadership: A Case Study of a Development Programme. In L. Mansfield, J. Caudwell, R. Watson & B. Wheaton (Eds.), The Palgrave Handbook of Feminisms in Sport, Leisure and Physical Education (pp. 809- 823). London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Commissioned Reports

Piggott, L. (2020). Transgender, intersex and non-binary people in sport and physical activity: A review of research and policy. Commissioned by University of Hertfordshire.

Datson, N., Everley, S. Greenlees, I, and Piggott, L. (2020). Tailoring Referee Development for the Women's Game. Commissioned by The English Football Association. 

Piggott, L. and Pike, E. (2020). An evaluation of the impacts and challenges of community sport groups becoming more inclusive and accessible for girls. Commissioned by Sported. 

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