Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Present position(s)

Professor of transport economics and planning,  Department of Civil and Transport Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, (Trondheim); Professor of Transport economics, Department of Economics, University College Molde and;  Senior Research Economist (Norwegian Public Roads Administration).


Applied transport economics and, efficiency and productivity measurement.

Work experience

2001 -today

  • Chair and Scientific expert in peer-review committees of transportation research institutes, e.g. CTS at KTH Sweden and VTI Sweden.
  • Chief transport economist/analyst (Transport Economics) at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
  • Expert in impact assessments (benefits-cost analysis), toll financing, road pricing and environmental assessment of transportation project.
  • Coordinator of impact assessment across sectors of transport encompassing rail, aviation, waterways and roads in the National Transport Plan (NTP)
  •  Consultant on economic assessment on multi-purpose transport schemes e.g., Oslo Package II & III.
  • Expert in productivity and efficiency assessment of the public sector; has conducted several published efficiency and productivity studies in the road and public transport sector as well as other sectors e.g., ferry sector and the agricultural sector.
  • Teaches and advises masters and PhD students in Transport economics and planning
  • Has been commissioned by NORAD/EU/World Bank to conduct various transportation studies in developing countries e.g.,(1) the economic benefits of axle control in Zambia,(2)  the economic benefits of maintaining rural road in Tanzania and (3) Evaluating the impact of increasing gasoline taxes to fund road maintenance in Tanzania – an impact assessment
  • Research manager of the Norwegian valuation study encompassing value of time, health, traffic safety and environmental impacts of transportation projects.

Teaching experience:

  • Fifteen years teaching experience both at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Molde University College.
  •  Frequent guest lecturer at NHH- NORWEGIAN SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, Bodø business School, Norwegian University of Environment and Biotechnology(UMB)
  • Opponent for several PhD dissertations
  • Examiner of masters students
  • Adviser to both doctoral and masters students



1980–1986 University of Oslo,  Norway

  • B.Sc. (economics and Statistics) 
  •  M. Sc. (Economics)

1991 -1993 University of Gothenburg,  Sweden

  • PhD ( Applied Economics) 

Present research activities

The socioeconomic role of ITS in Transport(funded by NPRA)

  • The Efficiency of airports (funded by the Ministry of Transport)
  • Valuation study of transport impact, e.g., value of time, accidents etc(joint funding
  • Ex-post evaluation of road transport projects(Funded by NPRA)


Membership in academic and professional activities

Member of the European Transport conferences(ETC)

  • Committee member of the TRB committees of Congestion Charging and Regional Economics
  • Member of the EU COST project on Private Public Partnership
  • Founding member of the Norwegian association of Transport economist
  •  Member of the Norwegian Polytechnic Union

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