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I teach and supervise students in urban geography and landscape studies. My research focuses on the intersections between the city as planned and the city as ‘lived’, currently by following Trondheim municipality’s area development program at Saupstad-Kolstad, a housing estate 10 km south of the city center: The Norwegian housing estate landscape as problem? Strategies for urban renewal meet residents in Saupstad-Kolstad (post-doc project 2015-Des.2017). I also collaborate with Dept. of Architecture and Planning (NTNU), and Trondheim municipality on the project Local center development as a strategy towards sustainable cities – the potential for integration and housing for refugees in Trondheim, Norway (2016-2018). The project discusses the expressed goal of creating an inclusive and sustainable city, by exploring the refugees’ productions of space in selected neighbourhoods in Trondheim.

In my PhD, I analysed the gap between the expert’s ideas about what the Norwegian housing estate offers as landscape and home, and the estate as lived by its residents. The thesis, Genialt planlagt”? Drabantbyen som hjem i spennet mellom boligfaglige idealer og levde landskap (2015), discusses the concepts and broader analytical perspectives of home and landscape through revisiting ideas formulated within humanistic geography in the 1970s, ideas which had its parallel in the critique of the housing estate landscape among Norwegian experts.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Rørtveit, Hilde Nymoen. (2013) «Genialt planlagt»? Drabantbyen som hjem. Hus, hjem og sted. Geografiske perspektiver på vår samtid.