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Elli is associate professor at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology management, Faculty of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

With a background in industrial design, her focus areas in research and teaching are

  • sustainable design, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • innovation and sustainability integration in SMEs and
  • integration of sustainability in higher education

Common features in her work are the focus on soft skills in innovation and integration processes, the development of methods and tools to support such processes, and the connection between academia and industry.

She is work package leader and member of the leader group of SFU Engage, the Centre for engaged education through entrepreneurship. She also leads a work package in the Digifab project, which focuses on supporting Norwegian SMEs to move towards Industry 4.0 through strategic roadmapping.  

Previously, she worked at different universities and innovation consultancies in Norway (NTNU), UK (University of Cambridge) and Belgium (University Antwerp, Thomas More University College, shiftN) and was guest lecturer in amongst others Spain and the Netherlands.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Del av bok/rapport

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