Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Dr. Dirk Ahlers is a senior researcher and project manager of +CityxChange. He has a background in Computer Science and now works as a research manager with the Smart Sustainable Cities group of the Department of Architecture and Planning.

He has been an ERCIM Marie Curie postdoctoral fellow at the Data and Information Management group and a research scientist in the Information Systems group of the Department of Computer Science, working on Urban Intelligence, knowledge management, mobility and geospatial analysis, Smart Cities, and emission monitoring systems.

His research interests are Urban Intelligence, Smart Cities, Climate Mitigation, Sustainability, Climate Neutral Cities, Open Innovation, Urban Systems Modeling, Geospatial Retrieval, Information Retrieval, Web Mining, Search Engines, Information Access, Mobile, and Everything Geo.

You can find him at Geo: N 63.417002 E 10.404215

He is organizing the CS3CS — Workshop on City Strategies for Smart Sustainable Climate Solutions in Trondheim and is the co-chair of the LocWeb - Location and the Web workshop series.

The latest LocWeb2019 Workshop - Location and the Web @ WWW2019 is accepting submissions.

He is a member of the Smart Sustainable Cities research group and of OADE - Open Autonomous Digital Ecosystems.

Some selected projects:

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