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Communication, Contemplation, and Wellbeing (CCW)

– Research group at the Department of Psychology

Research group on Communication, Contemplation, and Wellbeing (CCW)

In the CCW research group we are studying various forms of communication, including face-to-face and mediated communication, transformative learning, at individual, organizational, and community levels. We approach the study of communication from multiple perspectives which allows for integrating interpretive, critical, cultural, structural, discourse analytical and existential approaches. Moreover, we are focusing on self-reflection, consciousness, and contemplative practices, as resources for human transformation. We are interested in studying contemplative practices like mindfulness meditation and yoga that recently have become increasingly widespread in many parts the world. The CCW research group is addressing how such practices can be resources for human growth and transformation, and the way they relate to more general human search for happiness, well-being and living a meaningful life.

Contact person: Ingunn.Hagen@ntnu.no

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