Soft Technologies

Soft Technologies

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Soft technologies are based on systems that easily can change form/function. This interdisciplinary science, innovation and technology is in close contact with people's everyday lives.


What is the village theme about?

Materials or systems that can change form or function when exposed to relatively small influences. This is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary area within modern science and technology.


How is this beneficial to society?

Control of herd dynamics (herd intelligence), dynamic functionality in design, smart spaces in architecture and buildings, design of soft robots, targeted medication, artificial tissues and organs, etc.


Why the village theme is well suited for interdisciplinarity?

The science, innovation and technology of soft matter is in close contact with people's everyday lives.


Relevant competency

Medicine, pharmacy, design, architecture, cybernetics, computer science, electronics, applied mathematics, economics, anthropology, history, philosophy, nanotechnology, biology, physics, chemistry, materials technology, entrepreneurship and product development.


Teaching form

Digital: In this village there will be digital teaching. To participate in the village, you must have a working microphone and camera.


About the village

The projects will include the opportunity to identify and include external partners from business and research environments. The project reports are expected to include all aspects of innovation, and a sketch of needed elements, market analysis (including economical and societal issues) and timelines (beyond the EiT course) towards patenting and commercialization of a product.

Examples of problems the student groups can take as a starting point: Control of herd intelligence, for example in panic situations. Soft robot technology for example in home care, kindergartens, traffic etc. Responsive architecture and design, and responsive buildings that change according to temperature, light, sound, etc. Soft matter in surgery and treatment. Innovation utilising the functionality of biological materials.



(there are many many more, google yourself)

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  • Course code: TFY4852
    Village title: Soft Technologies
    Type: Intensive virtual
  • Language: English
  • Village supervisor: Jon Otto Fossum
  • Contact information:
  • Semester: Spring 2024
    Location: Online
  • Host faculty: NV

This village is part of Virtual Experts in Teamwork (VEiT). VEiT gathers knowledge about virtual EiT-villages, to develop them further. Students from all campuses meet in the VEiT villages.  

The village is virtual. All teaching and group work takes place using online collaboration tools. Students must have a computer with camera and microphone.    

Teaching and group meetings take place between 8.00-16.00 Monday to Friday weeks 2-4. Individual work is also expected.  

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