The root of all evil

The root of all evil

What do cancer, diabetes and obesity have in common?

It's actually inflammation!

If you get an infection, the body fights it with the help of inflammation. Sustained inflammation can contribute to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatism, and preeclampsia. Stress and obesity promote inflammatory conditions that can lead to disease. Dysregulated chronic inflammation is the root cause our major diseases and has far-reaching consequences for an individual and in turn the society.

Research constantly reveals new knowledge about inflammation and this knowledge must be used to promote good health in the population. This can be done by finding new ways to use and apply the knowledge. Original thoughts and approaches can arise across disciplines, and we want to cultivate both creative solutions and new ways of disseminating this knowledge. The village "The root of all evil" wants to focus on the dissemination of knowledge through new forms of interdisciplinary and creative solutions that promote good health in the population.

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Relevant competence

Students from all disciplines can participate here! Do you have knowledge in communication, computer / technology / game development, design / architecture, economics, psychology, medicine / health / science, history, philosophy or pedagogy - this is a village that can suit you!

About the village

In this village, we focus on helping the population to increase knowledge about inflammation-related diseases and ill health to make good choices in their everyday life. You are free to build a task that sheds light on a health theme that is linked to inflammation through the dissemination of knowledge, new perspectives or solutions. We want to combine health knowledge, with creative solutions and dissemination. If you have a health theme that concerns you, this is a village where you can have the opportunity to immerse yourself in it.

The aim of EiT is also to give students an insight into interdisciplinary collaboration and process, and you get the opportunity to become aware of group processes and  specialization in an exciting project. The village gives you the opportunity for an intense journey in both health and the development of your own interdisciplinary expertise. In this village, alternative forms of assessment for the project report will be tested. Usually the student groups will write a project report and a process report – each counting for 50% of the grade in the subject and develop a product. The mandatory oral presentation of the project will be included in the assessment. The product can be something that is shown at the presentation, or something that the student group has described.

A little about inflammation

Inflammation is basically a normal repair process for the body in case of injury and infection. But inflammation can also be a cause of disease development if it gets out of balance or control. Abnormal inflammation can occur as a result of congenital vulnerabilities in the immune system, as a result of environmental influences and combinations thereof. You will learn more about inflammation in the first few days of the village.

CEMIR – Center for Molecular Inflammation Research

Tre kvinner i hvite frakker i et laboratorium CEMIR is a center for utstanding research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. CEMIR works to understand inflammatory mechanisms and how these can be affected. The research aims to develop methods for diagnosing and treating diseases in which inflammation plays a crucial role. There is great interest in the search for common features also in international research. If one understands the common inflammatory mechanisms, one finds forms of treatment that can have significance across disease groups. 

Fakta om landsbyen - MFEL4857

Code: MFEL4857
Title: The root of all evil
Type: Intensive
Language: English
Village leader: Richard Kandasamy
Year: 2021

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