Innovation in Health Care

Innovation in Health Care

Innovation is important for future world-wide health care and the economy of Norway. Trondheim is judged to be a future centre for innovation. You Are Needed !! 

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The key is to think outside the box. All disciplines have unconsciously their own cultures giving constrains to thinking and fantasy. The village is therefore in need of an interdisciplinary approach, with which the supervisor has a vast experience. Are you young, spontaneous, full of laughter, passion and a little bit crazy OR would like to be to a certain extent – You are the one, who is welcome to some exciting mutual weeks – but demanding.


You should be a student at a master level in any type of education.

About the village

Each group will from their experience, interest pick a subject to explore. Alternatives will be given, If no subject is common. The subject should be a challenge, an unsolved problem or further development of the existing reality in health care. The key is to define the subject in a broader context, suggest a solution or define prerequisites to find a solution. 

Technical Transfer Office at NTNU, Innovation Norway, The Norwegian Research Council are just some examples of potential partners. 

The expectation from the student is to be curious and interested. This village, in particular, needs these attitudes. There might be more suitable villages, if you see EiT as something obligatory that you only have to pass in your education at the most easy level. 

Fakta om landsbyen - MFEL4850

Course code: MFEL4850
Village: Innovation in Health Care
Type: Intensive
Language: English
Village supervisor: Erney Mattsson
Contact Information:
Semester: Spring 2021
Location: Trondheim 

Important information about EiT

Important information about EiT:

  • The focus on teamwork skills and group processes is the unique feature of Experts in Teamwork (EiT)
  • EiTs teaching methods depend on the contribution and presence of every participant throughout the semester. For this reason, attendance is compulsory on every village day.
  • In contrast to many courses, the first few days are especially important in EiT. During this period, get to know each other and discuss what each individual can contribute. You will also draw up the compulsory cooperation agreement and start preparing a shared research question.
  • For additional information about Experts in Teamwork, see page for students