Ålesund – a university town

Ålesund – a university town

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Ålesund is site for a campus belonging to Norway’s largest university; NTNU. How does Ålesund benefit from this stronghold of knowledge in our midst? How may it shape the culture?  In this village we seek to find novel ways to incubate and accelerate the transformation of Ålesund from a “town with a university” to a deeply rooted “university town”.

In the picture, we see a student playing with a robot.
By the fusion of HiÅ with NTNU in 2016, Ålesund officially became the host of a university. NTNU was originally located in Trondheim only, which is renown for its rich student culture. In fact, its flourishing student life is seen throughout the city, on-campus as well as off-campus. Workforces, associations, start-ups, sports and cultural activities all overflow with students. Indeed: the city has been a university town for decades, transformed by the presence of its educational institutions, like NTNU. Such a transformation is of course natural. After all, the knowledge stored, the freedom chased and the thriving curiosity on campus, should impact the host city positively.

A student who has won the Grand Prix. Photo.In this village we explore incubators for the ongoing transformation of Ålesund from an industrial town to that of a cultural capital and a stronghold of knowledge; a real university town. Indeed: how can we “bring campus to town?” How can we effectively create an explorative and a curios culture, by such making the transformation manifest?

Three students in the laboratory. Photo.Perhaps the right way to go is to make an app where the users can post inquiries and questions for academia to answer? Or maybe one should set up a talk-show dissemination concept downtown, or a conference? A podcast? Platforms for internships or student companies and start-up incubators may also be effective strategies. Or perhaps something entirely different. Something…unheard of… an idea conceived by your group, and your group only. Ingenious, as it were.

In short: Let your creativity out!

A concrete, realistic plan/ prototype / product is expected to be delivered.

Relevant competency

Well suited for most student categories, especially those study programs present at campus Ålesund.


  • Course code: IE509118
  • Village title: Ålesund – a university town
  • Type: Semester-based
  • Language: English
  • Village supervisor: Ben David Normann
  • Contact information: ben.d.normann@ntnu.no
  • Semester: Spring 2024
  • Host faculty: IE
  • Location: Ålesund

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Important information about EiT

Important information about EiT:

  • The focus on teamwork skills and group processes is the unique feature of Experts in Teamwork (EiT)
  • EiTs teaching methods depend on the contribution and presence of every participant throughout the semester. For this reason, attendance is compulsory on every village day.
  • In contrast to many courses, the first few days are especially important in EiT. During this period, get to know each other and discuss what each individual can contribute. You will also draw up the compulsory cooperation agreement and start preparing a shared research question.
  • For additional information about Experts in Teamwork, see page for students