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Yuri Cowan holds a doctorate from the University of Toronto, Canada, and came to NTNU in 2012 from a post-doctoral fellowship in the Research Project on Authorship as Performance (RAP) at Ghent University in Belgium. His current research works to describe diverse Victorian historiographies of everyday life. In the field of book history, he is interested in textual histories, the material book, and constructions of authorship, especially with regard to the circumstances of the form, publication, and reception of nineteenth-century editions of medieval texts, such as William Morris's translation of The Ordination of Knighthood, which he edited for the Morris Archive. He has published various articles on Morris, the Aesthetic Movement, ballad literature, Victorian sporting periodical literature, and the reprinting of Victorian fantasy in the 1970s; he is currently completing a book-length manuscript entitled William Morris and Medieval Material Culture, and is beginning to write about the portrayal of book technologies in science fiction. He has recently guest-edited a special issue of Mémoires du livre / Studies in Book Culture on the subject of "Textual Histories," and is a founding editor (and was Managing Editor from 2011-2014) of the online peer-reviewed open-access journal Authorship. He is also a core member of the Enlightenment News project, headed by Paul Goring.

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Del av bok/rapport

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