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Richard Wood is a professor at the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU.

Richard specializes in studies of sustainable consumption and production, using quantitative approaches that capture the globalisation and development aspects of the field. He contributes to the development of input-output (IO) and associated life-cycle techniques for the analysis of environmental “footprints” and other consumption and trade based analysis. He contributes to both methodological and empirical efforts in the field, and is a developer of EXIOBASE, one of the most detailed global environmental input-output databases available.

Richard is the Editorital director for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, European Office, fulfilling a co-editor in chief role.
The latest version of EXIOBASE is available at: and more info is available at including links to concordances.
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Indecol has a masters program in industrial ecology for those interested.

For most of my papers, have a look here or email me.

Research Areas:

1. Development, trade and the environment (Globalisation).

We study the environmenal impacts associated with trade, investigating how specialisation has occured through globalisation in order to quantify the level of outsourcing of environmental impacts between countries. We look at the influence of labor productivity, energy productivity, capital and materials; we particularly look at structural changes in the economy; and interpret outcomes in terms of environmental impacts and quality of life.

2. Environmental footprints (sustainable consumption).

We study the environmental impacts of consumption - looking at consumer demand, consumer choice, rebound effects and possibilities for "green lifestyles". 

3. Global supply chain analysis.

We are highly active in the development and use of input-output modelling frameworks in which to capture impacts across the globe - giving a spatial resolution along supply chains from source to point of consumption. Such work has given unprecedented detail into intersectorial relationships and their impact on the environment.

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