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NorFab is the Norwegian infrastructure for micro- and nanofabrication. We provide access for Norwegian researchers independent of their academic, institute or company affiliation at four locations:

  • NTNU NanoLab
  • UiO MiNaLab
  • SINTEF MiNaLab
  • USN MST-Lab

A non-exhaustive list of equipment available in our cleanrooms can be accessed by clicking the NorFab link on the right.

Please get in touch if you would like to use our facilities. 

The NorFab nodes are members of both the Nordic Nano Network ( and the EuroNanoLab consortium (


NTNU NanoLab

The NanoLab is a 700 sqm cleanroom facility offering state-of-the-art nano- and microfabrication and characterisation equipment as well as areas for chemical synthesis and biological work located at NTNU Trondheim. The NanoLab offers instruments, training and expertise to allow fabrication and characterisation of complex systems on the micro- and nanoscale. 

NTNU NanoLab is pricipally a hands-on facility, but we do offer a limited operator service.


Personal Background

I hold an undergraduate degree in biochemistry/biotechnology and a PhD in biomedical engineering, both from Imperial College London, where I also worked as a post-doctoral researcher and a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellow in the Optical and Semiconductor Devices group (with Prof. Mino Green). 

In 2014, I joined the Bionanotechnology group at NTNU through a Marie Curie Fellowship.

My overarching research interest lies in making biosensing / medical technologies more accessible to doctors and the general public through the use of nanotechnology.

Prior to returning to academia, I worked as a senior analyst in the Healthcare Investment Banking group at Jefferies International, advising pharma, biotech and medtech firms on mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance. 

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