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I am currently Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Language and Literature, NTNU. My research forms part of a larger project on the invention of the 'lottery fantasy' in the eighteenth century, the dream of winning the lottery and acquiring sudden wealth and social mobility ( The project is funded by The Research Council of Norway for the period of 2022–2024.

My individual postdoctoral work examines debates surrounding state-sanctioned lotteries in Scandinavia, with an emphasis on the tensions between the moral and sociopolitical implications of gambling and the financial and political development of modern European states. Adopting a comparative and transmedial approach, I explore a wide range of historical and literary sources in order to determine how state-sanctioned lotteries were negotiated both by the governing authorities and a larger public in Sweden and Denmark-Norway (Norway after 1814) in the period 1750-1920.

My research and teaching profile is interdisciplinary, with expertise spanning literature, cultural studies, media- and book history, digital humanities and the history of political ideas. I completed my PhD at NTNU in 2019. My thesis explored the impact of news mediation on one of history's most fraught political debates, namely the English 'Revolution Controversy' sparked by the French Revolution i the 1790s.

Research groups  

The Invention of the Lottery Fantasy: A Cultural, Transnational and Transmedial History of European Lotteries 

Literary and Cultural Eighteenth-Century Studies (LACES)

Research interests

Book history 
Media history 

The history of political ideas 
The Age of Enlightenment
The Romantic period
The French Revolution
The Revolution Controversy in Britain 
Print culture
Archival work
Digital humanities


Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Del av bok/rapport

  • Kristiansen, Johanne. (2018) Foreign News Reporting in Transition: James Perry and the French Constitution Ceremony. Travelling Chronicles: News and Newspapers from the Early Modern Period to the Eighteenth Century.


  • Kristiansen, Johanne; Goring, Paul Michael; Guest, Harriet. (2019) Revolutionary Reports: Newspapers and Expanding Information Networks in the 1790s. 2019. ISBN 978-82-326-3932-8. Doktoravhandlinger ved NTNU (2019/167).
  • Kristiansen, Johanne; Goring, Paul. (2013) Fighting for Reform The politicisation of the Monthly Review in the aftermath of the French Revolution, 1791-1802. 2013.