Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

PhD in sociology from Uppsala University (1991), previous held posts at Uppsala University as a researcher and post doc fellow (1983-90/92-94) and as a lecturer at Stockholm University, Department of Social Work (1990-92). I have been a visiting fellow at university of Wisconsin – Madison, University of Helsinki and University of California – Berkeley. I have been working at ISS since 1994.

General research interests:

  •  A broad range of topics related to social class and social stratification
  •  Children´s welfare and social inequality
  •  Welfare state and social policy issues
  •  Work and employment
  •  Sociological theory, from the classics to contemporary theory
  •  Theory and methodology applied

I am currently one of two project leaders  (together with Peter Sohlberg) of a NFR/ISS project, “Sociological Theory and Practice Revisited”, and one of the coordinators of the newly established STAM- group at ISS.

My interest in unequal childhoods will continue in research of children´s welfare in the context of schools in the Nordic countries starting in 2019. This project is based on collaboration with Anna Rapp (ILU), Eli Smeplass (ISS) and colleagues in Oslo, Tampere and Luzern.

I have been teaching a broad range of courses and topics, and been in charge of theory and welfare courses at all levels during my years at NTNU. I am in charge of SFEL 8000, a methodologically oriented course in philosophy of science, at the SU-Faculty autumn 2018 and spring 2019.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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