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I am a PhD Candidate in the Joint PhD in Behaviour and Health between The Australian National University (ANU) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). See an overview of my doctoral research

Innovative Health Promotion Strategies in Everyday Settings

Contemporary challenges in health require an interdisciplinary approach to promote healthy behaviors, maximize preventive strategies, and to modify lifestyle behaviors for a positive outcome that will also reduce the rising health care cost on individuals and the state. This village focuses on a 'settings-based approach' to answer pertinent research questions about how to: 

  • Enable/Empower people to prevent diseases and unintentional injuries,
  • Increase control over and improve their health, and
  • Modify unhealthy behavior patterns in the settings of where they work, learn, play, live and love to stay.

Students work collaboratively to identify an everyday setting and the person(s) involved to ascertain localized needs in terms of health promotion, prevention, and behavior modification to provide or (re)design appropriate solutions by bringing to bear the diverse expertise and disciplines of the students.

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Resilience Centre;
For promotion of Mental Health and Wellbeing across Cultures and Lifespan

About the research center:

The research center is located in the Psychology Department of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The center focusses on resilience research on adults and adolescents, both in clinical and non-clinical settings, across different cultural settings, with a life-span developmental perspective.

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