Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Group Leader Research Group for Inflammation in Pregnany / Theme Leader in CEMIR

My main research focus is to utilize knowledge from basic molecular immunity into clinical research on the major human inflammatory diseases; cardiovascular disease and preeclampsia. Use of new knowledge on molecular inflammation to approach inflammatory diseases with new hypotheses of underlying abnormal immune mechanisms, will, as I see it, provide a more solid foundation for the search for new therapeutic approaches and biomarkers. The new field of molecular pattern recognition has revealed a common set of inflammatory mechanisms that may underlie a wide variety of diseases, both induced by environmental factors, like pathogens, and by abnormal endogenous inflammatory response. Thus, the combined look at related major inflammatory diseases is of particular importance. My motivation for this translational approach is further strengthened by the need for gender-specific knowledge to address the “female way” of developing cardiovascular diseases, and the up to eight-fold increase in risk for later-life cardiovascular disease following a preeclamptic pregnancy.