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I graduated from the Univ. of Granada (Spain) with a BSc in Environmental Sciences and continued my studies with a pre-MSc in Geological Engineering and a joint MSc in Geological Hazards at the Univ. of Barcelona and Autonomous Univ. of Barcelona (Spain). My master’s thesis was carried out in the Institute of Environmental Sciences at the Univ. of Geneva (Switzerland) and focused on the study of geomorphic indicators controlling channel widening during flash floods affecting the uppermost areas of selected European rivers. After graduating I collaborated with the Earth Sciences international journal Geologica Acta as the Managing Editor.

I am currently a PhD candidate at NTNU, working on the Visualization of Flash Floods in Steep Rivers (Hydraulic Engineering & Hydroinformatics) within the World of Wild Waters (WoWW) project (under the umbrella of NTNU's Digital Transformation initiative).


K.R. Usman (2019). Safe Rivers - Identification of critical locations along steep watercourses during flood events. 119pp. MSc thesis (with O. BrulandK. Alfredsen & K. Aurand from SWECO)

Project/Master thesis proposals (2019/2020)*

1. Hydraulic model suitability for hydrodynamic analysis based on LiDAR data of steep rivers (with K. Alfredsen)

2. Optimisation of hydrodynamic fluid simulations in steep rivers for flood visualization (with N. Rüther and O. Bruland)

3. 3D visualization for a better communication of flood events (with M. Isabwe, M. KonnestadO. BrulandS. IrshadA.E. LaiM. Pavlíček)

4. Machine Learning for Flood Risk Management (with P. Salvo Rossi)

*reach out for further details


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