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  • Enhancing flood analysis in steep rivers with morphological and hydraulic parameters
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Supervisors: Adina MoraruOddbjørn Bruland

Project: World of Wild Waters (WoWW)

The research work aims to develop a model that considers different susceptible hydrological, hydraulic and morphological parameters that control the response of steep rivers during a flood. Such parameters will be analyzed with GIS and tested with hydrodynamic numerical modelling. The model will be validated in a well-documented study case or through comparison with available models for the same studied case in literature.

Figures. Analysis of hydraulic (Usman, 2019) and morphological (Moraru et al. 2019) parameters in a steep river.

The precision gained (if applicable) by the incorporation of the critical parameters into a flood analysis will be benchmarked. The outcome of the thesis should be a methodological guideline that identifies critical areas along a steep river and recommends the mesh resolution needed in the numerical model to study these areas. 

The student involved in this project should have interest in numerical modelling and natural hazards, as well as be familiarized with GIS, hydraulics and fluid dynamics.