Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Hagerup is a PhD -candidate in Educational Leadership at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology(NTNU)/Department for Teacher Education. Her PhD- research is directed toward educational leadership as a phenomenon, using art and craft as constructed and exploratory research perspectives. Hagerup direct her interest and work areas of research toward art, art and organization, art and leadership, innovative learning spaces and educational development. Hagerup has previously served as an educational advisor to the chief administrative counsellor in two Norwegian municipalities (public school owners year 1-10). Her educational background includes a BA from The Academy of Fine Art at NTNU, an artist residency in Printmaking at Liverpool Hope University and an MBA in knowledge and innovation managment from Copenhagen Business School. Hagerup still practice as a painter, intaglio- and fine art digital printmaker.


Research group - School development and educational leadership (SKULE)

Interest areas:

- School development and educational leadership, educational governance and educational management

- Art as human ability

- Art based methods (ABM) in research, learning and organizational contexts

- Learning spaces

- Creativity in leadership and organizations

- School ownership in Scandinavia and the nordic countries

- Educational policy making in a national and transnational context



Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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Kunstneriske produksjoner

  • Hagerup, Pia Skog. (2016) Hovedutstiller på Kunstfestivalen Lys & Refleks. Pia Skog Hagerup, Midtsandtangen, Malvik. 2016.
  • Hagerup, Pia Skog. (1999) Offentlig utsmykking. Pia Skog Hagerup, Vikhammer bibliotek. 1999.