TVM5135 - Planning of Hydropower

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Vurderingsordning: Skriftlig eksamen
Karakter: Bokstavkarakterer

Vurderingsform Vekting Varighet Hjelpemidler Delkarakter
Skriftlig eksamen 100/100 4 timer D

Faglig innhold

Organization and management of hydropower studies, planning and optimisation of dams, reservoirs, hydropower and water resources projects, including small scale hydropower development. Hydropowers role in differing power systems. Siting of intakes and power stations, planning waterways and penstocks. Underground hydropower technology. Social and Environmental Impacts of Hydropower.


The student will have knowledge of:
- The construction of various types of hydropower plants
- The Norwegian hydropower system with emphasis on underground excavations
- The planning proces for hydropower in Norway and abroad
- The tender process: Preparation, negotiation and tender awards for hydropower
- Contracts and administration, payment, acquisition
- Special factors in the planning of small hydropower plants.

Students will be able to:
- Conduct a pre-feasibility study for a hydropower plant
- Conduct a feasibility study to identify potential projects
- Set up schedules for work and identify critical phases of the project
- Identify potential social and environmental impacts of a hydropower plan

General competence:
Students can:
- Conduct a feasibility study of how development can take place in a watercourse
- Compare different options for development and rank them according to the economic and environmental criteria.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

The lecturers come from the university and the hydropower industry, all with international experience. Lectures and exercises are to a large extent integrated. All lectures and exercises are given in English. Excursions to various Norwegian hydropower plants are arranged during the course.

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

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If there is a re-sit examination, the examination form may be changed from written to oral.

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Vurderingsmelding krever godkjent undervisningsmelding samme semester. Obligatorisk aktivitet fra tidligere semester kan godkjennes av instituttet.


Books from the series "Hydropower Development" and supplementary lecture notes (English).


Vurderingsordning: Skriftlig eksamen

Termin Statuskode Vurderingsform Vekting Hjelpemidler Dato Tid Rom *
Vår ORD Skriftlig eksamen 100/100 D 28.05.2018 09:00 F2
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