MR8100 - Teori for marin prosjektering

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Vurderingsordning: Muntlig eksamen og arbeider
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Muntlig eksamen 50/100 E
Arbeider 50/100 ALLE

Faglig innhold

After completing the course the students will have acquired knowledge related to
- The concept of design
- Establishment of background and basis of marine design
- Abstraction, idea generation and convergence
- Modeling the design process
- Design models as means of communication
- Pros and cons of design models
- Criteria of system building and limitation

The students will also acquire skills in applying the design theories to concrete application areas through the work with the report.


The goal of the course is to give provide fundamental knowledge and insight into advanced topics in design theory, models and methods, both by presenting the historical context of this field, as well as providing insight into the current state-of-research. Further, to provide competence and skills into applying theories and methods for research and technology development of ocean engineering systems.
After completing the course, the student should have gained a fundamental understanding of the definitions and characteristics of (marine) design, design vs science, design model & process taxonomy, design representations, basic inference processes in design, systems engineering and design, important schools and directions in design, including Catalogue Design (Pahl&Beitz), Robust Design (Suh), Decision-Based Design (Mistree), Building-Block Design (Andrews), Configuration-Based Design, Knowledge-Based Design (Coyne, Gero), Risk-Based Design (Papanikolaou), design optimization, multi-criteria models, rule-based design frameworks, and the handling complexity in design. The student should also be able to discuss and develop a personal system critical assessment of current research topics and directions, and place this in the context of his/her own research agenda.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Lectures. Mandatory exercises: Preparing a report on a given subject. A sufficient number of candidates must be registered for the course to be given. To pass the course a score of at least 70 percent is required. Both the oral exam and the report must be passed for the course to be passed.

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Emnekode Reduksjon Fra Til
DIN0572 7.5


Vurderingsordning: Muntlig eksamen og arbeider

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Høst ORD Muntlig eksamen 50/100 E
Høst ORD Arbeider 50/100 ALLE
Vår ORD Muntlig eksamen 50/100 E
Vår ORD Arbeider 50/100 ALLE
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