BARN3201 - Methods and Ethics in Childhood Studies

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Oppgave 100/100

Faglig innhold

The course focuses on research tools, techniques and ethics, rather than methodology. It takes its points of departure on the idea that children are social actors with agency, who create and use meanings and are subjects of human rights. It follows that they have the right to be properly researched, enabled to share their knowlegde, views and experiences through methods that are both scientific and ethical. The course is practical and experiential – students will practice how to design and use a variety of participatory research methods that should be useful for data collection in their own MPhil research projects.


* To familiarize students with a range of participatory, child-focused methods and ethics.
* To enable students design and carry out independent research with children and young people in diverse settings and contexts.
* To provide students with the opportunity to critically evaluate current scholarships on the social, moral, ethical and practical challenges of undertaking research with children and young people.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

The course begins with an introductory lecture on perspectives and principles related to scientific and ethical research with children and young people. This is accompanied by a week-long training workshop that involves hands-on experience on engaging children and young people in different stages of the research process. The training workshop draws on a manual for child-focused, participatory approaches and gives students the opportunity to develop a repertoire of methods and ethical strategy by means of concrete examples, plenary and group discussions as well as summative lectures. Additional lectures will be given by lecturers undertaking empirical studies with children in different parts of the world.

Students will have to write a term paper that is related to their master's thesis, carefully applying the reading list and knowledge they acquired from the course.

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • Compulsory attendance in all the training workshop days. Attending lectures is also compulsory (minimum 80%).

Mer om vurdering

Students who have completed compulsory activities do not have to do these again before re-sitting the exam.

Spesielle vilkår

Vurderingsmelding krever godkjent undervisningsmelding samme semester. Obligatorisk aktivitet fra tidligere semester kan godkjennes av instituttet.


Admittance to the course requires a bachelor's degree in a social science or humanities discipline, or equivalent.


Information will be given at the beginning of the semester.


Emnekode Reduksjon Fra Til
BARN3002 4.0 01.09.2010
BARN3200 7.5 01.09.2010


Vurderingsordning: Oppgave

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Vår ORD Oppgave 100/100
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