BARN3101 - Social Studies of Children and Childhood

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Vurderingsordning: School exam
Karakter: Bokstavkarakterer

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School exam 100/100 4 timer

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Framed by Social Studies of Children and Childhood (Sociology of childhood), the course addresses theoretical perspectives, key concepts and ongoing debates in Childhood studies. This includes children and childhood as socially, culturally and historically constructed, children's perspectives and active contribution in defining and giving meaning to their lives. Further, this course addresses children's lived lives, generational relations, and the importance of context as well as issues at a structural and political level that have implications for children and childhood. This course addresses childhood as a social phenomenon in time and space, and how children are both shaped by and themselves shape their childhood experiences as these unfold within diverse societal and daily life conditions, practices, power and generational relations. Central issues to be explored in this course are images and understandings of children and childhood as well as children's meaning-making processes, and experiences in relation to peer activities and the adult organization of their lives. The course further attends to the interrelations of childhood and culture, power, gender, social class, and ethnicity.


By the end of the course the student:


  • Has obtained in-depth knowledge of theoretical perspectives, concepts and ongoing debates in the interdisciplinary Social Studies of Children and Childhood.
  • Has obtained an understanding of why Social Studies of Children and Childhood emerged as a research field, as a critical approach to mainstream theorizing of children and childhood.
  • Can critically examine childhood as a social, cultural and historical phenomenon, and obtain an understanding of how children's everyday lives and well-being are related to cultural, societal and political circumstances in changing societies.


  • Has the ability to critically approach and deconstruct views, understandings, discourses and theorizations of children and childhood.

General competence:

  • Has developed the ability to question implicit and taken-for-granted assumptions.
  • Has developed skills in conceptualizing/theorizing childhood in different contexts.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Lectures and seminars.

Attending lectures and other teaching activities is compulsory.

A minimum of 80% attendance of lectures is required.

Total lecture hours: Minimum 20 hours.

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • Obligatory attendance (80%)

Mer om vurdering

Students who have completed compulsory activities do not have to do these again before re-sitting the exam.


Admittance to the course requires a bachelor's degree in social science or equivalent.

Students in the master’s programme in Childhood studies will be prioritised.


Information will be given at the beginning of the semester.


Emnekode Reduksjon Fra Til
BARN3100 7.5 VÅR 2006
BARN3001 7.5 VÅR 2006
BARN8101 7.5 HØST 2017
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Versjon: 1
Studiepoeng:  7.5 SP
Studienivå: Høyere grads nivå


Termin nr.: 1
Undervises:  HØST 2023

Undervisningsspråk: Engelsk

Sted: Trondheim

  • Barndomsstudier
  • Samfunnsvitenskapelige fag

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Institutt for pedagogikk og livslang læring


Vurderingsordning: School exam

Termin Statuskode Vurdering Vekting Hjelpemidler Dato Tid Eksamens- system Rom *
Høst ORD School exam 100/100 27.11.2023 15:00 INSPERA
Rom Bygning Antall kandidater
SL317 Sluppenvegen 14 1
SL510 Sluppenvegen 14 16
Vår ORD School exam 100/100 27.05.2024 15:00 INSPERA
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