ØK8101 - Developing a Research Proposal Through Engaged Scholarship

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Undervises ikke studieåret 2020/2021

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The course shows how ‘engaged scholarship’ opens a range of new research activities and ways of doing research. The course presents different ways in which students can engage others in conducting their research projects. It particularly shows how dialogue with practitioners and other stakeholders helps scholars define their research problem, build theory, design research, and disseminate research findings in multiple ways. Through conceptual discussions and case-stories the course seeks to motivate and inspire the participants to make their PhD projects even more relevant to practice


The central purpose of this course is that students learn how to write a good research proposal, as is necessary for undertaking a PhD dissertation or obtaining funding and support for a research project. This includes developing a clear statement of the research problem, theory, research design, and communicating and using research findings. A related aim is to raise awareness that scholars from business and/or social sciences have special opportunities to be engaged in the fields that they study and benefit from such engagement in their empirical and theoretical work

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Class time will focus on discussing student questions/comments from the readings and video lectures, doing exercises and worksheets, and student presentations of parts of their research proposals.

Compulsory activities:
In class participation and completion of assignments.


Normally candidates have to be admitted to the PhD programme at the Faculty of Economics and Management.
Total number of participants: 15.


Syllabus will be given before course start.

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