Norne village

Norne village

– Oil and Gas for the 21st Century

The Norne Oil Field is located west of Sandnessjøen, and is operated by Equinor in Harstad. The Norne Field also includes the smaller fields of Alve, Urd, Svale and Stær.


The main objective of the Norne Village is to help facilitate the sustainable production of oil and gas from the Norwegian continental shelf (specifically from Norne field) far into this century. Emphasis is placed on basic research and innovative technology development for the benefit of the service and supply industry, whilst ensuring sound management of Norway’s natural resources.


The group projects in Norne village include a wide variety of topics, from Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to alternative energy sources for the Norne FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) ship.

The group projects will naturally have a basis in petroleum geosciences and petroleum engineering, however, students from other technology areas are welcomed. Sufficient training will be given as needed. Each group will consist of students from various study programs in order to form a multidisciplinary team. Each group will be assigned advisors both from NTNU and Statoil.

Relevant competencies

The group projects in Norne village will be relevant for students from all technical study programs at NTNU. We encourage students from engineering disciplines (Petroleum, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.) as well as Project Management and Economy related majors to apply for this course. 

Student groups in Norne village choose their own research topics around the theme of the village. Students will receive assistance form advisors from NTNU and Equinor in the process. Each group will consist of students from various study programs in order to form a multidisciplinary team.

About the village

The Norne Field has been selected by NTNU and Equinor to become a pilot field for petroleum research and education, in particular related to developments in the area of Integrated Operations (aka Smart Fields, Fields for the Future, Digital Oil Fields, eFields). NTNU is host for a Center for Research-based Innovation in IO, and works closely with SINTEF, IFE and several foreign universities, as well as 14 industrial partners, and the Norne pilot is central in much of the research in the center. The Norne Village will be an integrated part of the activities, aiming at developing new ideas for better reservoir characterization of the Norne reservoirs and thus better production. 

The database of the Norne Field will be available for the students. The data could be used as part of the project work in the village.

The second day of the Norne Village Statoil will spend a full day with the student groups presenting current challenges in production of the Norne Field. The actual group projects will be defined by the groups after this day. The entire village will go to Statoil Research Center at Rotvoll mid-semester in order to discuss progress with the advisors from Statoil.

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Fakta om landsbyen - TPG4852

Course code: TPG4852
Village: Norne village
Type: Semester-based
Language: English
Village supervisor: Richard Wilfred Rwechungura
Contact information:
Semester: Spring 2019

Important information about EiT

Important information about EiT:

  • The focus on teamwork skills and group processes is the unique feature of Experts in Teamwork (EiT)
  • EiTs teaching methods depend on the contribution and presence of every participant throughout the semester. For this reason, attendance is compulsory on every village day.
  • In contrast to many courses, the first few days are especially important in EiT. During this period, get to know each other and discuss what each individual can contribute. You will also draw up the compulsory cooperation agreement and start preparing a shared research question.
  • For additional information about Experts in Teamwork, see page for students