Startup-Driven Social Innovation for Social Good

EiT village will run as an international village from January 2020. The aim is to collaboratively identify and propose specific innovative solutions for achieving the desired Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations, throughout Startup-driven social innovation. Today, several startups main goal is not to purely maximize their financial gain, but instead, to act charitably and to have a positive impact. This honorable cause has many valuable contributors in the for-profit sector: Inspirational startups operating in the fields of social innovation, social change, and social entrepreneurship. A Startup requires active collaboration among many disciplines and soft skills development to achieve success. To fulfill its goals, this village will use resources provided by the single student, group, customers, and village leaders.

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Relevant competency

The goal is to create teams of students with multidisciplinary profiles, who will be able to address societal challenges through collaborative thinking. In particular we look for students with background in:

  • Technology (Software or Computer Engineering)
  • Medicine
  • Health and social studies
    • Understanding, preventive medicine, health policy, mental, physical and social health
  • Social sciences
  • Psychology
    • Understanding of autism characteristics and how they are met by society
  • Teacher Education
    • Understanding, teaching and learning
  • Architecture and Art
  • ICT – Many improvements and solutions include technological and mechanical aid
  • Social economics

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Course Code: TDT4850
Village name:  Startup Driven Social Innovation For Social Good
Type: Semester-based
Language: English
Leader: Orges Cico
Semester: Spring 2020

Important information about EiT:

  • The focus on teamwork skills and group processes is the unique feature of Experts in Teamwork (EiT).
  • EiT's teaching methods depend on the contribution and presence of every participant throughout the semester. For this reason, attendance is compulsory on every village day.
  • In contrast to many courses, the first few days are especially important in EiT. During this period, the team members get to know each other and discuss what each individual can contribute. You will also draw up the compulsory cooperation agreement and start preparing a shared research question.
  • For additional information about Experts in Teamwork, see the page for students.